Author Topic: Black and Fade in and out bug  (Read 2378 times) version of SP Beta is new update which is separated from old version in my desktop.  I like an idea improvement of 3D model in 3D view and UV Map in 2D view so It's easier for user to paint texture map in 2D view when it automatically paint in 3D view at the same time.  ;D

Next, I loaded my old UFO model in OBJ file of Maya in SP without any problem but unfortunately, FBX file doesn't work to load because SP has crashed. I notice when I paint copper, gold, Titanium, white glossy on UFO model's chest when black appears in them so I'm sure that is bug.  I use slider ( roughness ) below at lower right side to remove black.

Other bug is Fade in and out at layer at upper right side. I use slider to decrease from 100 to 20 near to 0 when the copper dissolves out, silver surface is still on the surface of UFO model's chest. It's supposed to be copper to fade out but shouldn't be silver. I wonder if it's bug or not. Same problem with Bump, Titanium, Coblat materials.

I already report bugs with screenshots directly to Allegorithmic for fix problem bugs.

Take a look at three screenshot below.
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The fade issue you have is because the slider only changes the opacity of the diffuse, so the orange color, but the metalness and roughness are still the same, that's why you see something looking like silver.
You will have to choose the roughness and metallic at the top of the layer stack and reduce these too.
We may have a global switch at some point to affect all channels at the same time.