Author Topic: Is there something like car paint flakes in sub 2.2?  (Read 2853 times)

I was using substance 1.3 before downloading the trial for 2.2

There was a car paint material in 1.3 that I would use for its' Flakes option. I can't seem to find anything like that in 2.2 Any help?


I guess you should use the shader called "pbr-car-paint" on your material. You can find it in the shaders of the shelf.

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I haven't used shaders much. Only the metal-rough-with-alpha-blending one for when I need to use the opacity channels. I'm using that one right now.

Is it possible to use multiple shaders? If so can you point me to a tutorial?

You can actually use one shader per texture set.
So you can totally use the car-paint shader only where it's needed.

To do to, in the Texture Set view, click on "main shader" and choose "new shader instance". Then go to the Viewer Settings, and select the shader "pbr-car-paint". And that's it, you now have a new shader for your texture set :)
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I'm sorry. I looked for "Main Shader" everywhere in the TextureSet Settings and viewer settings. the only instance of "main shader" that I could find was in the "instance name" (as pictured in the attachment).

Also as for when I do figure this part out. Right now whenever I change the shader to another shader... the changes take effect on my entire mesh. How would I get the new shader to only effect the part I need? I would figure I would just need to add a mask, but I don't know where I would add it from.

Thanks you.

Image didn't post last time.

"Main Shader" is an instance shared on all your texture set. If you wish to change the shader on only ONE texture set, you must go in the Texture Set view, and chose "New shader instance".

So to sum up:
- make sure that the part which needs a different shader is a different texture set (when you create your mesh)
- select this texture set, create a new instance
- change the shader for this texture set only

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So I have the textureset list part down. Thank you for that part.

I brought in a model that I textured in 1.3 into 2.2 to see if I can try to recreate the same effect.
I was able to get a rust look to show up as the flakes in 1.3
But in 2.2 none of the rust options are coming up. Even with the flake scale/intensity that appear... they don't do anything.

img 1 - shot from 1.3
img 2 - shot from 2.2
img 3 - the options I mentioned that I can't find in 2.2


Hey, do you mind sharing you spp?

Hey, do you mind sharing you spp?

the one from 1.3?

pm'd you the link to it
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for the settings you are speaking about, do you know what is the eaxct name of the material?
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for the settings you are speaking about, do you know what is the eaxct name of the material?

Jeremie was able to help. Eventually just pm'd him and he was able to get back to me.