Author Topic: Learning New Workflow - Need some help  (Read 1059 times)


I was getting really bad performance out of SP and it turned out I was overloading it with too many texturesets. Okay, so I'm combining my UVs per object and using just one TextureSet per major object. The performance is phenomenally better (Thanks!) - but ...

Got some new issues related to the new workflow. As you can see in the screenshot - when I apply a material to the textureset it doesn't seem to want to cover the vertical pieces. This is a fill layer with smart mask, but I had the exact same problem with several other smart materials and masks. So question is - what's going on with that? How do I get uniform coverage? Are my UVs not good?

Thanks for any advice! :)

Got some help on the FB group. Seems to be related to the particular mask's edge settings and curvature map. Trying different masks helped.