Author Topic: [SOLVED] I have an Error on a substance and I think it's lost.  (Read 2045 times)

     - XML read error:
          Premature end of document
          -Failed to create package.
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Post your .sbs but indeed it's not a good sign...
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ok. I looked at the XML in wordpad. I'm not a coder but it all seemed legit.

I looks like to me the very end got cut off. I'm cool with losing a little information as this is a huge tree for me. Any way to just end it and salvage it to open?

The xml has been cut, did it crash during saving ?
I've added the missing tag so that SD can open it.

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I don't think so. I think it may have also been a bad swap to google drive. I really should create backups.

Do you guys have cloud services? My company has some floating licenses of Substance, and we'd really like to have more. It would be really cool If people could have small amounts of space along with their licenses so they could have auto backups of their substances. I feel like this could be done since the files are so small.

No we don't plan to provide such services ;)
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