Author Topic: No emissiv glow in SP  (Read 2236 times)

Hello there,

I have a small problem with emissiv and the problem is that it didn´t glow.
All work fine, I can export the emessiv map but I can´t see the effect at the painter.

Here is a image with my settings, I think I didn´t missed anything, can someone help me out ?

I´m using SP 1.7.3

You will need to activate the Post Effects and the Glare effect to see the glow.

I did that allready but nothing changed.
In an YT Video the glow worked without post effects glare too, he just increased the emissiv intense

Did you play around with the glare setting, mainly the Threshold? There is no way to have glow without the Glare post process.

Hi Jeremie,

yes I did and after your reply I did it again to be sure.
Glare and Post Effects are activated, played arround with every slider and the combo box.

No effects at all.

All other effects like DOF as example worked fine.

I don´t know what else I could do....

Hey do you think you can share your scene?

Sure, but I think that the file would be to big.

I made a new one with a simple box.
I painted emissiv on it and activated the intensity and post effects like in my original scene.

Same effect, no glow at all.

Perhaps just my painter is broken :(

Thx a lot for your help.

btw. you both are admin .. perhaps you can tell me why my profile name couldn´t get saved. I change it, save it, green message that everything works fine and when I login again it jumps back to my old profile name... weird.
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And thats it ?

No reply anymore ?

Sorry: it happens that I sleep during the night  ;)
Iam going to take a look right away

Works like a charm for me (and I actually think it works for you)
Try to do this:
In the viewer settings diminish the environment exposure (to see if it works)
In the display settings, activate the post effect/Glare and siminish the threshold
Which version of SP are you using ?

Sry didn´t want to annoy you :)

Well I did what you say but it don´t work.
Looks like my painter is broken. :(

I think your threshold is way too high.
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Ok now its getting strange.

I just opened the painter to play again with the slider what I allready did many times.
As the scene opened and I activated the post effects its starting to glow, I didn´t even touched a slider.

The threshold was to high thats correct but it was just a sceenshot after trying a lot of slider positions.
The post effects resetted somehow and now all work fine again.

I don´t know whats happend but I´m happy that it is fixed now.

Thx a lot at all who helped me I´m really really thankful :)

Have a nice weekend

Have a nice day.