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I've had performance issues with SP2 - they've come to a head lately with the display driver being overloaded to point of distortion/noise in the display. Please see attached screenshot. As you can see by the Afterburner app the memory usage for that scene is over 8GB. The scene itself is only 40K polys. The .spp file is 4.5GB. The performance has been very sluggish since SP 2.10 but the visual distortion is only since upgrading to 2.2.0.

I loaded up the scene with full textures in Max2017 and it only used 1.8 GB of Vram.

Any idea why SP needs that much vram? I don't remember my GTX 970 ever doing this and it half the ram. Is this something to do with driver support for the new Pasqual cards? It's unusable as is. Even if it doesn't distort the sluggishness is pretty bad.

My system specs are: i7-4790 4.00Ghz, 32GB ram, GTX 1080 8GB  Driver Ver 368.81 - Windows 7 SP1 64bit

I've attached the log and dxdiag

Thanks for any help with this.

Apparently even the exports are affected. :(

4.5GB is really big for a Painter project. How many texture sets do you have and at what resolution?
Did you see this kind of corruption on other projects?
Would you be able to upload this project somewhere for us to look at?

Hi Jeremie,

I am uploading now. It will take a bit to do so - I'll post a link later when it's done.

I have a lot of texture sets. Maybe that is the problem. I wanted to render the entire scene with the SP Iray. Maybe that is not possible.


Here you go:


It doesn't seem like it's that big, but maybe it is. It would be nice if SP was a bit beefier to handle high poly work as well. :)

Thank you!
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SO I loaded your scene, I don't get any corruption, but the scene is very slow for a relatively low polycount and indeed the filesize is massive.

This is due mostly to the fact that each single object has its own texture set, which Painter was not designed for. Also, each of these texture set is 2048*2048 with its own set of bakes and most of these bakes are not used at all.

That's a LOT of data for painter to process and keep in video memory and ram :) IRay will likely not even load the scene at this point.

I would recommend packing smaller objects into a single UV map and texture set, it will make performance much much better and will reduce your file size tremendously.

Thanks, Jeremie - it's a workflow issue on my end. I have always liked having separate UVs - maybe not coming from a gaming background. I will have to change that.

The distortion may be from the GTX 1080 - like a driver issue. I never had any distortion with the 970 but the drivers were more mature.

Thanks again for taking a look! :)