Author Topic: Tile generators that need to match and inputs controlled via another node  (Read 1845 times)

My problem is, I have 2 Tile generators that need to match as far as number of tiles x and Y but are serving much different purposes otherwise. What I don't want to is have to match them every time. I just one one slider for x and one slider for y for BOTH nodes. I don't understand why the exposed parameters don't just show up on published nodes in which a noodle can be connected. Similar to how blender works when creating node systems.

For example, I'm making wood flooring via the tile generator. It's just simply black cracks. In order to randomize the actual wood floor pattern, I'm going pipe in the wood floor pattern into the pixel processor, along with A SECOND version of the same Tile Generator but this time with luminance variation and NO cracks. The function will split my wood floor pattern as if the tiles don't match which is correct. But now every time I change the size of one, I also need exposed parameters to change the size of the second one. I'd rather just control those x and y sizes (number of tiles, whatever) with one 2 intergers instead of 4. Or 4 instead of 8 if I'm using random.

You can link the parameters very easily. Expose Nb X and Nb Y on the first tile generator. Then select those already exposed parameters from the drop down list in the second tile generator. they should show up above the expose option in the list.

Or you create two new integers for x and y (plus symbol in your input parameters list) and link those to both tile generators instead of exposing either.

Thanks! I guess I'm so used to doing things like in the second option that I didn't even see the first. Makes sense.