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I'm learning Substance Designer (and 3D and texturing, as well :)), and I have some questions. I'm trying to make a chest. I've taken the idea from this picture the picture below. I have for the moment the model displayed on Sketchfab :

I've added lambert shader with different colors on the model for the convert "uv to svg" to place the different materials on the object. When creating new graphes for the wood and for the metals part, should I start from a uniform color and process it to get the metal or wood I want, or should I start from an existing texture ? I've put different lambert colors on the object to differentiate wood from the sides from wood for the front and back, for example. But I wonder if it is enough . On a real object, each face is different from the other. Should I do like that and have a different lambert shader for every page.

Thank you
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Hi lrathle,

In your mask, you only need to get the materials information (one color for the wood, another one for the metal). No need for several colors if the material is the same.

You should create your base materials (wood, metal, etc.) as classic textures (you don't need to have something based on your mesh).
You can do them procedurally or by importing bitmaps/modifying them.

Then, you can use a "multi material blend" filter (you can access it using the "search" bar of the library) to blend the different materials based on your mask informations.
Choose "color mask" in the filter options, connect the materials and select the corresponding color in the filter.
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