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Apparently I posted in the wrong feed so here it is in the proper area.

My first Attempt with Substance Painter:

Nice start ;)

My second piece painted with Substance Painter. :)

My third Piece :)

Neat weaponry.
I like the decoration and scroll work on the items.
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First off,Thanks for the kind words. :) I am happy to say that your software is Amazing!! It's not often I find software that challenges my expectations. In less then a week I have the basics down and have used it to improve one of my products on the Unity Asset Store.!/content/10333

I am already adding this software to all my classes and tutorials and I am excited to delve into the more complex tools as I start on some figures next. I now consider your software as important as Zbrush in my Pipeline. Which means it will be used on EVERYTHING...

As far as my personal Wish List for more tools goes... I would love to see an Override on folders that could change the mapping from UV's to Triplanar for all objects within the Folder/Group.
And I would Love to see a Drag-Rect Brush such as Zbrush has.

I am just Massively Impressed with all your software guys!!

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