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Hi, I'm curious as to how one rotates a procedural smart material within painter. For example, if I'm working on plank floor texture and a smart material that I apply has wood grain running perpendicular to the planks, is there not a way to rotate the smart material projection without actually manipulating the UV's? UV rotation doesn't seem to do anything, I tried setting 90 degree UV rotation on all the smart material's individual layers to no avail. Thanks!

Rotating the corresponding layers inside the smart material should do the trick unless there are also some fill effects on layers and masks that need some rotating too.

I made this filter, attached below, to scale and rotate smart materials.  It helps, until they get round to building the feature in.


I agree it is a hell of a lot of work to figure out all UVs that need to be rotated in complex materials. Always takes me like a quarter of an hour, often I realize afterwards that this material is not exactly what I needed and I start all over again with another material...

Isn't it possible to have a 'rotate orientation' dial in the material properties which can trigger all related components which need to be rotated?

And then, the same applies for SCALING, too.

thank you very much for the transform filter. Unfortunately I am not able to try it right now, because I have currently an issue with Supstance Painter, it crashes without further notice after a given amount of time running (2 and half minutes, to be precise) and I beg someone from Allegorithmic can assist me figuring out where the bug is...
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Agreed that this should be a default feature

Not to belabor this issue but is this still not a default feature?

If I wanted 2 folders for vertical/horizontal grains of a complex wood material, I'd have to manually rotate 10+ layers 90-degrees? If I wanted to make edits, I'd have to re-rotate all the layers again, no?

You can drop a Transformation filter from the shelf to the top of your folder in the stack, the transformation will be applied to the full content of the folder.

ohhhh I see! Thanks for bearing with the noobs out there like me!

I'm sure there's a reason, but intuitively I just thought that I could right-click on a folder, similar to layers, to get the filter->transform.

Passthrough makes so much more sense now.  ::)
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