Author Topic: General Roughness question  (Read 988 times)

Am I supposed to start with roughness at .5 or at 0?

All the examples and videos I ever see look crisp with proper "shinyness" but whenever I try something I end up with a washed out looking model. Roughness at .5 is overpowering no matter what hdr background I use for lighting. Im assuming I should start at 0 and work my way up? Its kind of hard to paint with a washed out shine affecting my entire model. I always end up using just the basecolor channel to paint but it doesnt look like this is a problem for any videos I see. This ends up throwing off my roughness map since I cant properly tell how "shiny" the surface actually is.

Im using a cheap gtx650 if that matters. I only paint in 2K.

Also since Im at it, whats the cheapest card I can get for some smooth (or even semi smooth) 4k painting? Just curious.