Author Topic: Some material layering workflow issues  (Read 1148 times)

I just installed Version 2.2 to try out the new material layering workflow.  Here are some observations.

  • The mask number not corresponding to the material it is associated with is unnecessarily confusing.
  • I tried to use a material that I created in SD, but was surprised that none of the custom parameters were available to be modified.
  • The information in the height channel is not available from my SD material.

I guess I will need to pretune the custom parameters in SD before using SP material layering.

The material layering workflow is kinda "independant" from the materials: the json exports a reference to the materials, not the materials themselves. The material tweaking/change of parameters, or even change of materials, should be done in your engine.
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I understand.  It would be nice to be able to visualize in in SP though.

Aside from my problem of converting my SD material to only use normal (instead of height) channel, I will need to make a shader for my render engine (Blender Cycles).

I think this workflow could greatly improve the quality of my materials while saving GPU memory.
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