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Hi guys!

Yesterday i started playing with Substance designer for the first time. I am experienced with node-based interfaces and texture generators, but there was still a bit of a learning curve (as there is always when using new software :) ).

I'm happy with the results I got in the time spent (just under 2 hours i guess, exploring the nodes etc).

it is a tarnished metal, with 2 sliders for how "bad" it looks.

Any and all feedback/tips are greatly appreciated. More renders here:
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Hey, this looks very good!

Thanks a lot for sharing it. Checked your site, too - good job on this!


Hi Elowan,

Thanks, glad you like it! Right now I am adapting the SBS to work with meshes, its great fun, and to be honest, I am truly blown away by substance designer. I was checking it out every now and then, but after a serious attempt to make something i am HOOKED haha.

More coming as I make it, ill be sharing some materials as I learn more.

Very nice!


Nice material work, Käy.Vriend!
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Thanks! I haven't been idling, I'm using substance designer for one major project, of which i can hopefully show some pictures soon :). In my (scarce) spare time ill upload some new freebies soon :)

Wow, that´s simply awesome.. keep ´em comming  :D


I thought I commented on this.  Very nice Kay.  Looking forward to updates.

Thanks guys :D