Author Topic: Noob here. Ambient occlusion baked in Substance not aligned when used as layer?  (Read 2990 times)

Hey guys,

I'm a brand new stinking n00b both to Maya and Substance Painter, so please excuse the smell. :)

I can't seem to find any love on Google, I hope you can help me out.

I've got your bone standard cyberpunk future-barrel here modeled in Maya in an attempt to learn Substance on something simple. :)

I baked the ambient occlusion and other maps in Substance Painter using default settings b/c I wouldn't know what to mess with anyway. Then, following a tutorial on Youtube I created a Fill Layer above Layer 1 and set the Base Color property to my Ambient Occlusion map.

What you see in the screenshot is the result. I can see the shading from the ends of the barrel and the ribs, but they're all over the place, tiled and repeated and scaled oddly across the mesh. I'm not sure what I've done wrong or how to align it. I know the tut I was following was for a slightly different version of the software than I'm on.

Can somebody help me straighten this out? Thanks in advance!!

- Mark

...apparently all I had to do was set the UV scaling to 1 and tiling to "none". I'm not sure how those got changed or if they defaulted to something else. Whoops.

Well... ignore me I guess. Thanks for.. uhh.. reading. :)

Defaults to "3."

Guess how I learned.  Yeah, pretty much the same way you did.  It was explained that values above 1 are used much more often, so that's why they put the default where they did.

Glad you figured it out.
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Thanks Viking! I figured it out, now I'm lost in UV land in Maya after trying to make the barrel just a little more complex. LOL.

I love this tool, though. I can impress my friends while I barely know how to use it... ;-)