Author Topic: Why no Porcelain material anywhere?  (Read 2869 times)

Hey everyone, i have a question that belongs on both painter and designer forums really so i'm posting it on both, I just picked up substance painter and i'm still a novice, and for the first asset i wanted to make with it i needed a plain white porcelain material such as this

And I looked on the substance share, database and store platforms and found nothing like it but marble, and no google searches have yielded anything even close.. do i just not know where to look? is there a better place to find substances with a larger variety then the substance share, substance database and substance stores? how could it be that the stuff that all toilets, sinks and bath tubs in the world are made of has never been added anywhere?
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Hey tomer20072,

I think nobody had the idea to do one yet, go ahead and create one yourself and share it :)

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What stops you from making one yourself? Would be a good and simple exercise for a beginner. There isn't much to it, bright albedo with very subtle noise, very very subtle normal map and low roughness. Can be done with just a handful of nodes.

A more accurate porcelain material would have to be clearcoat i believe but that will only be possible with the next SD version afaik.

see my post under the other thread you opened - why open 2 anyway?
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