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I am a subscriber to Substance Live, but only recently downloaded Bitmap2Material.  The version I have is watermarked even though I am paying monthly.  I don't see a place to log in under my account.  Please get back to me ASAP with details on removing the watermark.  I have to use this software RIGHT NOW.  I can't wait days for an answer which has been my experience in the past.  Thank you.

Now my substance designer license says it has expired.  It is unbelievable to me that no one from Allegorithmic has responded to this post.  I have been in contact with Etienne and now he is not responding.  I have some textures that needed to be created yesterday and now on day 2, I still have no usable software.  I thought the monthly substance live subscription occurred automatically.  Please, please advise me on how to continue working with substance live.