Author Topic: Roughness channel is not working at 3D view.  (Read 2037 times)

Hi there.

I have an issue in Substance Designer related to the roughness channel. I have set all the channels right and almost all of them are working properly but the roughness channel doesn't work in the 3D view, but once I render in IRay the roughness is working. I had tried a lot of things to get the channel to work nothing so far, and I don't know anyything more that I can do it. How could I make it work? I will appreciate any help please. 

Well, not only is roughness not working, but I don't see any shading happening, either. My theory is that the material could have somehow gotten switched to one of the simpler types like Blinn or Lambert.
What are your material definitions set to?
In the 3d View menu, if you open up Materials/Default/Definitions, it should have Physically_metallic_roughness check-marked, if your setup is the same as mine.