Author Topic: Question about displacement shader (as seen in Substance Days keynote)  (Read 2414 times)


After watching the keynote at Substance Days (which was great, by the way) I've been very intrigued by what was mentioned about using photogrammetry data in Substaince Painter. It was mentioned that this is something that we might see support for in coming months, but I'm mostly curious about the displacement shader that was used in Painter along with the RDT rock textures.

Such a displacement shader in Painter 2 would be very useful in my current workflow. Might this shader be released in the near future, or should I go ahead and roll my own?

Right now, Substance Painter does not support custom geometry shaders or even simple vertex shaders, but it's planned in the coming months indeed.

Excellent! Thank you.

Looking forward to this :)