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Hello all! I just got Substance designer and have been having a lot of fun with it. Thought it would be cool to present my substances here and keep sort of a record of progress with it.

Any feedback is welcomed, as there is always room for improvement:)

To start things off, here is a wood floor I'm working on:

That wood looks actually pretty good !

Thanks Jeremie!

Might as well get some of the heavy handed grunginess out of the way early. Another variation:

Doing some ground tiles for a realtime terrain. Here are some mud variations:

Love the top mud substance - beautiful!

Thanks for the feedback unity2K:)

Here is another tile that is intended to be used for some terrain:

I also wanted to show off a work in progress of the terrain itself, with the blending going on. I was able to do some cool stuff by combining the power of substance and gradient mapping inside UDK.

If you want to check out how to set up gradient mapping in UDK check out this  article by Andrew Maximov

Essentially its the same idea as the gradient node in Substance, but I found that the functionality needed to be set up in my shader in udk because I was packing a grayscale of my diffuse into the blue channel of its respective normal map.

As far as I know, there isn't a way to expose options in the gradient node in Substance. And even if there was it wouldn't have worked for me because I needed a grayscale texture output to place in the blue channel of my normal map, which reduced the overall number of textures I was using in the shader. I was hitting the limit of 15 with vertex painting between 4 variations of diffuse, spec, and normal, as well as using additional procedural masks from Substance to blend between the variations(i.e. I used two procedural variations of mud and a mask to blend them).

The benefit I got from using it was that I was able to really create a lot of variation to reduce visible tiling, all of which can be adjusted by vertex painting between my 4 tiling terrain textures. Also, by setting up gradient mapping in your shader, the diffuse colors can be adjusted right inside udk, making it really fast and easy to make them cohesive.
Whew, wrote a little bit more than I planned! My stuff's not very finalized that I'm posting, I hope that's not a problem and I hope this can maybe be informative to someone.

Hello again!

Been trying my hand at some tree bark. It was a good practice in finding ways to push the normal map further, as some tree bark has very deep crevices, yet smaller pits and surface  bumps and on the higher surfaces. The goal was to not blow it out into a pixelated mess. Does it work?

Also did some basic corrugated metal. The spec map was fun on this and good practice in describing the shiny surfaces in contrast to the pitted rusty areas. I'm not sure, but does rust typically bump out or in?

Rust will usually makes the metal bump out on the sides and then the rust itself would probably be noisy and sticking just a little in the inside.

Nice work indeed.

Is your wood and tree bark tileable?

While I got some decent non-tileable wood textures, I have been struggling quite a bit to get good looking tileables.

Hello retakrew7, sorry for the delayed response. my SD on my computer has been out of commission for some time. I've been having some computer os problems that has been preventing it to open. Haven't reformatted yet because I am in the middle of some important school projects.

But to answer your question, yes, the tree bark is tileable. I used some of the default noises as a base to create it, which I believe tile by default.

I have a feeling that by "good looking tileables" that you mean you notice a repeating pattern when its tiled a few times. This happens with almost any tileable texture, I think, and the boring repetition is usually broken up by blending multiple textures together, overlaying something like dirt streaks, grime or cracks over it, or placing props over it(if working in 3d) and also by casting light on in it in different ways. What I have done is simply fire up my favorite games and walk around the environments to try a decipher how they pulled off certain looks. Most of the time you can figure out how they've utilized their tiling textures, i.e. you notice repeating elements of the same texture all over the place. But again, I'm not 100% sure this is the problem your having, but let me know if this helps:) Happy texturing, can't wait to fix my computer so I can continue using substance again.

Edit:You might also have meant that you are starting with a photosourced texture that isnt tiled, and are therefore trying to make it tile in substance. I personally havent worked this way very much as all my stuff has been based off the default noises provided with SD, which tile procedurally. I know there is a "make it tile" node which you might be able to use. I've used photoshop mostly to make textures tile in the past, and I believe there are a few ways to accomplish the same thing in SD so that you have a similar hand painted control with a clone tool, but its whatever tool works best for you really. I'd look up some tutorials on the topic as I know there are a bunch out there. Good Luck!

Hi Subtle_1rony. I'm glad you are sharing these, I am learning SD4 atm and LOVE it.

Your bark texture looks great, I think one thing that would really strengthen it is adding subtle bits of moss. If you step outside and really look closely at a tree you'll see there are different colors of moss on it. Not necessarily the super thick stuff but very thin, usually a strong green or light/minty green color (at least in the midwest). I would also add some subtle variation to the brown bark itself. The most extruded portions will be more faded than the deeper crevices that don't get at much sunlight.

Keep sharing these!

hey dave_3,
Thanks for the feedback! I definitely agree, after coming back and looking at the texture again. I totally get what your talking about with the funky looking moss growth. And I agree, its a very even coloration and could use some variation. Can't wait to get SD up and running again now. Maybe I will reformat this week and fix it...

Im attaching the graph for anyone interested. Just keep in mind I made it a while ago and I currently don't have the ability to go in and clean it up. It could be super inefficient and some of the more experienced people might look at it and wonder what the heck I was thinking, but it was practice for me as I learn and hopefully some others might be able to learn from it as well. Feel free to improve upon it! 

Are we allowed to freely share our graphs? I'm not 100% sure, but I suppose the mods will let me know. Enjoy!

I have a massive tree in my yard with the same kind of bark (but grey, instead of brown). There should be some pics of it in my bark image pack on my site.

Feel free to use for reference :D