Author Topic: Exporting to html5  (Read 2147 times)

I'm guessing using the Substance plugin in UE4 isn't supported for exporting to html5 yet?

So the process would be don't use the Substance plugin in UE4 and just bake out all the textures you need from Substance and build the materials in UE4?

No one tried html5 yet?

Hi rfranks,

We don't support HTML5 yet, but it's on the roadmap. The first iteration of support may just be supporting baked textures, saving you from doing that manually.

Ok thanks josh, so for now just export out the textures and make the materials in UE4 then?

Hi rfranks,

Yea, for now you'll need to do that. We are prioritizing non-supported platforms accordingly to remedy this issue so hopefully it's not something you will deal with much longer.

Ooooh that sounds like something coming soon  ;)

I likey!