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Hi Guys,

Do you have any plans for a substance designer COP node ? Because that would be more than handy i think :)
You could have a loader just like the shop material, but in cop. With each outputs of the substance linked to a channel of the COP node.
That would allow us to use mask and textures for other things that just shading ( procedural scattering according to bitmap rules for instance )

What do you think ?

Houdini and Procedural pipeline TD - Ubisoft

Hi guillaume,

That's indeed a good idea. I've added it to the feature request list :)

Awesome :) Thanks !
Houdini and Procedural pipeline TD - Ubisoft

I'd rather use the pattern makers to build geometry :)
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Yep, that as well :D Susbtance + Houdini = Endless possibilities :D
Houdini and Procedural pipeline TD - Ubisoft

Man that would be fantastic, especially being able to output the substance passes to image planes.  That would be a nice way to be able to export all the substance passes to a single multiplane exr

pardon for the bump,
I don't have any exp with COP, but is this request similar to  point 2 of this more recent topic?

In that case, can you confirm that is still not possible to grab/link the outputs of the substance loaded in houdini, to further process them (in vops for example)?

Hopefully somebody came up with some work around..