Author Topic: Layer "Blend if" like in Photoshop  (Read 847 times)

Hi there! Guys, I got an idea to recreate a simple usefull effect from Photoshop.This is "Blend if" condition for layer. Placed in Layer Style window (see fig.
To do this I need to create two kinds of input nodes in SB which will call for current layer and all visible layers belov. But this is impossible I think)
SP filters work in two  modes:
1) Filter effects current layer only if layer is in normal mode etc(except Passthrough)
2) Filter effects all layers below if layer  is in Passthrough
 What I`m asking is to create filter that works in current layer and considers information from layer below.

Is it possible? :(

Please don`t hesitate to ask me if I was not clear enough.

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hey, sorry for the late answer.
in you case you could achieve this with functions:
Expose the blending parameter.
Setting an if else condition for the opacity (if blending parameter ==0 then set the opacity to 1 else to 0)