Author Topic: SUbstance material looks different after it's packaged  (Read 1285 times)

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to wrapping up my project file into executable file.
I originally created with UE4.10.4, but I migrated all assets 4.11.

After I packaged the project, some substance materials in the level are looks quite different.
sometimes completely red and sometimes it looks reddish with original textures.
These are screen capture images.(Left side is packaged, right side in the editor)

I tried to package with 4.10, which was okay.  Also it's okay as long as I use VR preview in the editor.
It just happened only after it's packaged.
I'd like to use 4.11ver, because the latest Oculus driver can not work with 4.10.
Does anyone have same issue? I almost gave up...
Many thanks.

Hi tmichigami,

Can you try migrating your project to 4.12 and see if anything improves?