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Hey there just trying to work out how to have different variations of windows when they both look the same at the moment, ie..

I can change the random seed in the Substance Graph Instance but both windows change, is there someway I can duplicate the Substance Graph Instance and use it's new random seed on the 2nd window?

Thanks in advance.

Hi rfranks,

If you want two (or more) variants of a substance, you need to create additional substance graphs to accomplish this. The most straightforward way is to right click on the substance instance factory and create a new instance of the substance you want to make a variant of. Then you just modify that variant and assign the material!


Thanks Josh,

doesn't that mean more textures thus larger files sizes, I thought SD was all about saving file size?

The substance im using is this one where you can adjust it within UE4.

I guess this is my end goal, to have windows like this but in the end I have all these textures, is there a more efficient way of doing this?

ie at the moment I have 3 Substance Graph Instances...

Saving texture sizes is indeed one of the goals, but if you want variants at runtime, you have to upload discrete texture sets to the GPU.

However, with careful planning, it is definitely possible to cut down on the amount of textures needed to be generated. For example you could split your substance into two graphs, one with the data that doesn't change (the grid elements of the window) and what does change (grime/alpha).

Pack what does change into one texture if you can, and then create a custom material to link them together. Then you are only absorbing the cost of a few texture changes and not the entire material.