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Hi Lazer,

We only support 64 bit Windows at this time, but we do plan to support 32 bit.

Thank you for quick answer. You have awesome tools for good prices.

Hello, this doesn't work for me in 4.4 in windows.

These are the steps for failure:
-made a empty project in 4.4
-downloaded this page:
-per instructions on the page, i placed the extracted 'plugins' folder under the new project.

It fails like this:
msg1: Project modules are missing or out of date would you like to recompile them?
 -> yes
msg2: Game code couldn't be compiled. Continue trying to start anyway?
 -> yes
Plugin 'Substance' failed to load because module 'SubstanceCore' does not appear to be compatible with the current version of the engine.  The plugin may need to be recompiled.

After reading through the rest of the thread here, i'm under the impression that this is meant to be working in this way.  It doesn't seem to work for me in 4.4 when adding the plugins folder under the projects folder.  Maybe others were able to get it to work by first installing for a previous version of unreal, and then upgrading their project?  Is there a way that this program can work directly on a 4.4 project without going the GitHub route?


I think it would be a good idea to update the first post of this sticky thread with the current installation procedure.
And to do that each time, the procedure changes.

I am getting the exact same messages as Tia

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Hello; instead of using a blank project , try using the c++ fps project. Let me know how you fare!

that did the trick, thanks for your help!


another question: what if I want to use the other projects (example projects, marketplace projects) with substance?

If the project does not have any C++ source, you need to add some. This isn't terribly difficult though. Load the marketplace project , Add a dummy class as outlined here:

And then bring over the Substance plugin (in the plugins folder) to the new project. From there it should both work in editor and packaged builds.

Ok, thanks for the explanation!

hi, here is an noobish question about installation  :)

here is the Installation - guide for the ue4-plugin:
1. Download the Substance plugin
 2. Unzip the plugin to the UE4 project directory, it will copy the right files at the right place.
 3. Run UE4 and point to the project, and you should be good to go :)

1. i really understand this..

2. where is the "UE4 project Directory" located?
i only can find the unreal-Folders "engine", "samples" and "templates".
in my older days, it would be good, to install the plugin into the plugin-folder..?   ;)

thank you very much for an answer!

a nice Weekend to all!


C: > Users > User > Documents > Unreal Projects > Project Name

You just unzip it in there. So in your project folder, you will have Build, Config, Content, Intermediate, Plugins, and Saved. And maybe your maps if you saved them here. Before, the Plugins folder wouldn't be there, unless you had some other plugins

hi dcxcii,

thanks for your fast reply!!

am i right, when i unzip the plugin into my created project Folder,
and the plugin does the rest in this structure?
so the plugin is not implemented "directly" in the unreal engine program-Folder in C:?
must i place the plugin in every Project-Folder i will create in the future
or is this way only used by the beta-Version?

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Unreal Editor doesn't let me add that source code, as i haven't got Visual Studio installed. Otherwise i get those error messages about the plugin not compiling properly... :(

I think I have to wait... untill a nice guy post a video tutorial how to setup & use this plugin... :)

Unreal Editor doesn't let me add that source code, as i haven't got Visual Studio installed. Otherwise i get those error messages about the plugin not compiling properly... :(

Until UE4 supports plugins with blueprint only projects, you will need Visual Studio 2013 Express in order to package builds. You don't need Visual Studio for just the editor though.