Author Topic: Normal map issue  (Read 2215 times)

Hi. we currently meet with a normalmap generation issue.
the normalmap(substance texture) generated from sbsar inside UE4 has a significant visual problem.
compare with the TGA normalmap exported from the same sbsar in designer. although it also has visual issue refer to the Normalmap compression but still better than the generated one.
and they are in same size 1024 . Do you has any idea about how to fix it?

Thanks alot.

any help on this plz.
we are working around by export TGA from Designer instead of import sbsar to UE4 .
But still we would like to know how to solve that, since it is nice to tweak them inside editor.

Hello Jeanlee,
This appears to be a bug on our side. We have a ticket in for this and I will post an update here as soon as we have a solution. =)

Cheers!  :D
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