Author Topic: Exporting the texture vs publishing the substance to an engine  (Read 1912 times)

Hi! haven't found a proper conversation about this subject. If you can redirect me to the proper thread if there is one it would also be great.

Here is the thing:

- Is there any sort of guidelines to decide when is more optimal, in terms of computation time (vs file size or customizability, maybe?), to export the texture rather than publishing the substance directly to the engine?

- Which are the proper things to take into account to make the call of instead of simply exporting the texture is better to publish the substance?

For example, this graph is rather complex and i sincerely don't know if it is optimal (in whatever terms should be accounted) to publish it to Unreal rather than just simply export the textures the graph produces and tweak them in Designer for further iterations

I'm in some kind of connundrum because of the game i'm working made me ask this question, due the kind of assets we are delivering.

I saw that people at Naughty Dog rather chose to export textures from designer (to my knowledge), but there is the possibility of publishing it so i wonder what consdierations should be accounted to make the call.

Hope my point can get accross.

Thanks in advnaced.

Hey paradox00,

I moved you topic to the discussion where it fits better :)

Well, I always export the textures, because it better fits my workflow. There were some bug here and there in the past with the Substance integration, too.
There was a time when the normal map, for instance, got a worse quality when imported as a substance, but I don't know how it is handled right now.

Running the Substances in the Engine, however, shouldn't give you too many benefits/drawbacks. It's nice to edit them directly in the engine without the need to re-import them, but on the other hand you'd need to compile them every time and deal with the extra-files.

Try out both and see what better fits your workflow, there is no straight 'Yes' or 'No', as it is with many steps in development. In the end, however, the game should run with the same performance, whether you use Substance or not. The size of the game could be smaller when Substance is used and could be essential when it is a download game.

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It's true that there's no real 'right' workflow to use in general, which, I imagine, is why we get to chose. For me, the stuff I do is as part of a team, and not everyone else has SD, so using exported textures means everyone can preview and work with them without any issues.
There are times when the dynamic nature of Substance files are desired, though, so in this project I actually end up using both workflows.