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Hi all, this is my first post here. I'm no game industry guy, I'm in the architectural visualization field of 3D.
A couple o months ago I heard about Substance products and I was amazed with what I saw, so I started watching tutorials and wondering if I could implement it in my pipeline so I decided to give it a try and I am more than happy with what I've achieved so far. Today I do almost all of my texturing with these fantastic products. Also a big problem that I no longer have, is that in Archviz it is very common that clients send you 100px wide references to replicate a material, textures which, of course, you can't use within your scene. Also many times the material they ask you to replicate is no longer being produced so it is very difficult to find good references or textures on the web. Substance Designer and Painter are both life savers.

This is one of my first production sets where I have used substance products throughout the whole scene. The metal structure, floor, furniture, vegetation are textured both with Designer and Painter.

Hope you enjoy them

Fantastic job!


Excellent stuff, love the vegetation. Congrats!

This is... Very good. I honestly thought I was looking at a picture a couple times. This is fantastic!

Congrats on showing up at ronen bekerman too!

This is such a beautiful piece of work - truly inspirational.
I read your post on the Allegorithmic site, detailing your workflow. you mention that the assets in this piece were created using Zbrush - but does that include all assets such as the building, furniture etc? Or were these produced in 3Ds Max. Also, did you import this whole scene from max to Substance and then texture, or were they done individually?