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   I am currently user Painter 1, and looking, but holding off, upgrading to Painter 2. Someone told me that painter 2 can export PDR materials into Blender. While I have been able to export my textures from Painter 1, I have never been lucky at getting them to go PDR

  So I wanted to know if it is in fact true that Painter 2 PDR format is Blender compatible?

  PS: I also noticed that the Substance to UE4 tutorials have been taken of the Allegorithmic youtube channel. Is this because new ones are coming for Painter 2


The UE4 tutorial are still available, we didn't remove any videos :

I don't know anything about PDR Materials, and we didn't do anything about supporting Blender when exporting from Substance Painter (1 or 2).
Maybe what you are thinking about however, is that Blender support PBR workflows now and therefore the default outputs from our software is now compatible in Blender ?
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Dang you know your spelling bad when you miss spell PBR :)

   Ok so it is that there is a default preset in painter 2 but it can be done in painter 1

Sorry you are correct the UR4 training is still there. If you look at the play list you got to hit the more button. It appears that little button did not want to load on my Kindle