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I wanted to know if I could scale textures in Substance Designer. And I don't mean the output size or the scaling with the transform 2d node. I mean it like a zoom in/out function.

In order to clarify, I come from Blender, and in Blender all the procedural textures have a scale input. Here is a noise texture with a scale of 5:

And here is one with a scale of 50:

As you can see the second one is like a zoomed out version of the first one. If I had to do that with Perlin Noise in Designer, I would have to do it with the Transform 2D tool, but then at that level, it would be very obvious the the noise was being tiled.

In the general case, no. Although it is possible to create specific noises or textures in Designer that you can zoom in, and/or zoom out (which is more complicated) , but there is no generic way to zoom in/out of the result of a node which has not been created specifically with that usage in mind (e.g. there is a "Perlin Noise Zoom" node in Designer).

With Fx-Maps (which are the basic building blocks of most of our noises), you can zoom in using the "render region" parameters. Zooming out is more complicated and requires editing the FxMap graph.
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Thanks for the clarification! I wanted to know, because I thought that I could make a procedural texture zoomed in and then later just zoom it out and it wouldn't look tiled. Instead it looks like if I'm making a texture, I should make a very zoomed out version of it, which I can then zoom into later, if I want to.

Incase you ever happen back upon this thread and still have this issue, I have found that you can use a tile splatter node with a grid scale of 0 and adjust the "zoom" slider to zoom into an image. You can then run it through the make it tile node to blend out seams.

I've attached an image where I'm using this method to get a clouds node that is "scaled" below its standard minimum value of "scale:1".

I know this is an old thread BUT ...

Just wanted to check to see if this is still an issue. We're dealing with large objects, and want to increase texture resolution in various ways.

Tile splatter wouldn't work with say clouds, but it would be 'ok' for wood possibly.

Does anyone have an update?

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Hello John,

For variation across a larger surface without tiling, done entirely in Designer, the principles described in this thread still apply.

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