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I am just curious if anyone is working on a plug-in that will all everyone that has a 3dconnexion's space mouse to be able to use it in Painter and Designer, it would be REALLY helpful, and you know it. I am more than willing to work on such plug-in, just takes time to get the Dev kit from 3dconnexions.

Last I heard, work on this feature was 'started' (for Painter, at least).

I'd be keen on an ETA, please.   :)


A Space Mouse makes it so much easier to navigate 3D space. Would be great to see it supported in Painter.  :)


Working without a 3D mouse is like trying to hold something in one hand while painting it with the same hand!

My brain goes Does Not Compute when faced with such a task.

For now I have navigation keys programmed into a gaming keyboard so I can navigate with my left hand -unbolloxes up my brain somewhat.
Sadly the same trick doesn't work in Zbrush, with the result that I never got past the free demo.



asked, when SP was on beta
but still no support (((

heavily need 3d mouse support


I am bumping this because we SHOULD have this. Over 4 years on request list...hundreds of posts about this on various sites, ..which I assume are only 10-20% of the users who want it.
Ok, so I have access to the 3D Connexion SDK, a couple/few years now iirc.
-- MAYBE we can slop some tests together.. I just lack all kinds of any time. :/
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100% need this support. Was said perfectly above--trying to navigate while brushing at the same time is just not intuitive when compared to the functionality and efficiency that such a tool like a 3DConnexion SpaceMouse provides.

Completely IMO, it's what's keeping me from fully going on board with this software vs. sticking with Blender. Is SP the superior painting program? Of course--goes without saying. It's a specialty tool dedicated to it. But do I get nearly the same results at a fraction of the time working in Blender doing the same painting work because of the efficiency gained being able to use the SpaceMouse? Absolutely.

Would love to see this tool get official support finally in the Substance suite.

I bought today a Spacemouse for / because of Zbrush.
The Spacemouse support would have a positive effect on the working speed of the Painter, especially since now probably more people own a spacemnouse since Zbrush 2021.5 ^^

Totally agreed, Substance Painter really needs to support 3dconnexion manipulators. In ZBrush it turned out a game changer for me, since I figured out how much I rotate the model between brushing intervals. 3D mouse sorta reduces the mental fatigue from continuous work. Same undoubtedly goes to Painter!
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