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I would love to see an option in all Allegorithmic products to scale the UI (fonts/sliders/etc) DPI.

I am an early 4K adopter and it's very difficult to use like that.   I am spoiled with Blender since it has this feature and all the UI elements can be scaled (and that's a free product.)

Anything 1440P and up is very difficult.   I know this isn't your main majority of clients as 1080P is the norm, but we are out there.   I've been begging Unity to add this as well.


Please please add this. Programs that don't support DPI scaling are barely usable on high DPI displays.

For reference, see this photo of Substance Designer. It's a 24" screen, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that the text in the sidebars is about 1mm high. And the tiny buttons are all but unclickable.

I think it's a pretty reasonable prediction that Allegorithmic's users will be adopting 4k much faster than the average computer owner.

I'm only on an HD display and I'm having a hard time reading the node labels when I'm zoomed out enough to see the graph. I'm constantly zooming in to read what a node is, then zooming out to move stuff around. I could do with an option to have the labels at a fixed size, then disappear when you zoom out. But bigger than the default, which is slightly too small at 1:1 scale for me.

On the other hand, the text telling me the texture size and processing time for each node is massive. I could definitely do with that being smaller. :) In fact I don't need to see that at all really, I'm not planning to use the substances in real time. I can't find an option to turn it off.

Sorry, I was talking about Designer, but this is the Painter forum.
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This problem is happening on both of allegorithmic's programs, so I think it's a valid point. For me, this is also a problem on smaller displays too (I am speaking about Designer in my case aswell). On my laptop screen (12in), graph text is completely illegible unless I am super zoomed in. It would help tremendously if they had the ability to scale text up as the user zooms out.

As a side note, the newer feature frames that was released a few updates ago (again, speaking about designer) has text that scales up and down as you zoom in and out of a graph. For the time being, I have been using this as a makeshift workaround to point out the more important nodes in my graph. It seems strange to me that they have this ability, yet do not have it in as a general text feature for other parts of the interface.

+1 for this feature request. Substance Designer and Painter are very difficult to use on small screen devices like the Surface Pro 2 and 3 with the current type sizes.

On a 27" iMac with 109dpi the interface is very hard to read so another + for adjustable UI please.
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+1 if it counts for anything!

Any progress / official comment on this? Both SP and SD are still nearly unusable on high res screens.

Unreal Engine, Blender, and Photoshop are all onboard with high DPI support, so Allegorithmic is the only point in my workflow that doesn't work here.

Adobe has admittedly done a kind of crappy "double size or nothing" setting instead of respecting the OS scale, but at least it makes the text readable and the buttons clickable.
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For me this is a must as well. Currently when I work in SD or SP I need to change my system's resolution to near 1024*768 to clearly read. Even if there was only a font size increase for now it'd do wonders.

+1 on this. I just got substance painter, and these tiny fonts are killing my eyes on the first day.

I invite to share this issue on  ;)
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+1 for this, SP is pretty bad at 4k.
The link above doesn't works btw.

I can't believe it. This thread is 1 1/2 years old and still no support for high DPI displays.

4K monitors are perfect for Developers and that is one reason why I bought a 4K.

I only have the Painter right now and want to buy the Designer too, but as long there is no support for 4K monitors I didn't buy it. I can't accept that something simple is still ignored from Devs of such software. A working UI is the most important part on such software and for me it didn't work with such tiny text that I can't read and lowering the resolution is no option for me. All other software, that I use, supports now high DPI displays or better have a UI size slider.

+1, my eyes hurt.

I'm new to substance and this is the first problem I faced.
It's so hard to read the UI.. ???