Author Topic: Substance Plug-in for Houdini 15.5 on LINUX  (Read 3593 times)

Hello Allegorithmic,

I am trying to install the substance plug-in for Houdini 15.5 on a LINUX. For some reason it doesn't show up in the SHOP network. The "substance_houdini.install" bash script that comes with the Linux download of the substance plug-in seems to install the plug-in in the following folder "~/houdini15.5/dso"

but Linux installation of Houdini installs it in the "/opt" folder I suppose? I am not able to figure out where the plug-in is supposed to go. I tried to copy the "" file and all the contents within the "Substance folder" from the .tar.gz into all possible locations. Still have luck trying to get the plug-in inside H15.5.

Would really appreciate it if someone knows or has a possible solution. Thanks a bunch! And a big fan of Substance! Brilliant work and you guys are amazing!

Kind regards,
Naveen Sabesan
3D Graphics Intern at SideFX

Hi naveensabesan,

What linux distro/version are you running on? And what is the full version of Houdini?

Hey Josh!

Thank you for your reply. Sorry I forgot to mention that. I am running CentOS 6.8 and version of Houdini is Houdini 15.5.480

so there's "/home/userID/houdini15.5/dso" where "userID" is my user id on my linux machine and then there is "/root/houdini15.5/dso"

but "~/houdini15.5/dso" is the former path, where the substance plugin is being copied on to via the install script, unless I execute the install script as a super user, which then copies to the latter path.

copying to both locations don't seem to work.

if the dso folder doesn't exist in you user path the script installs it somewhere else, I created the folder and run the script and then it works

the script should detect if the folder exists, if not create it.