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I faced a situation where I needed to create a substance  which generates a tweakable linear gradient. I noticed designer comes with a linear gradient but it does not seem to be  easily adjustable (although it just occurred to me you can remap it using the gradient map node).   Anyways, i made a very simple substance to address this and I thought I would upload it for anyone else that might need something similar.

The gradient width property will adjust the  spread of the gradient.
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Thanks for the contribution :)

thanks! this leads me to the question, maybe you should make a sticky with user contributions?
like, i made this hue/saturation with mask input node a while back for someone, i would give it away :)

and maybe you could share the shader you  made for me once, the one with the gloss channel. maybe some more people can share more, its always good to be able to tear apart works of others to learn from it :)