Author Topic: Incompatible Windows 8.1  (Read 2278 times)

Hey as they title states when ever i try to install Substance Painter in Windows 8.1 i get a incompatible with your version of windows message.
I am just wondering if anyone has managed to get this to work in 8.1 and if so, how did they do it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Works without problems here. You probably try to install a 32bit Version on a 64bit windows etc?

Hmm i think you may be right. I found the older beta installer amongst my downloads and it installed fine, though if i download the newest installer from my account it gives me the error.
I wonder if something is messing up with the installers?

Ohh wait up... I didn't think they had a 32-bit installer.
So i don't think that would be causing it.. I'll keep trying different browsers and such and see if that's the problem.

 :) Haha worked it out.
For anyone else having trouble with it, it isn't a .exe
It's actually a .rar that is why when i was trying to install it it was saying incompatible.
Always something so simple.