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Hey guys Id like to thank you for your software, maybe you cannot tell it from this post but I love your work, and I convicned several companies to try out your products. But i have a problem with one aspect of your software

Im loking for ways to learn how pixel processor work,  and i have tough time finding from basic ututorial, im very gratefull for live traning you have made public, but in this video, lecturer have a thick accent. In general its hard for me to focus to his way of explaning things, with long pauses, poor sound quality, and sometimes incomprehensible way of speaking key words ( for example -what is it called?). I got lost many times along the way and feel like i not benefited from the over one hour movie, as i could have. 
Can you point me in direction of good, comprehensive, basic tutorials explaning pixel processor? Do you plan to make them in the future? Why are you so reluctant to publish more on the subject

Hey bugajskimaciek,

you can find Tutorials covering the basics of the Pixel Processor here:

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thanks Fabian