Author Topic: Dirt forming lines!  (Read 1676 times)

Hey there I think I've finally got my head around designer and painter but I've just got one final issue...

I've done a test cube here...

But for some reason the dirt is forming lines near the edges of the cube, have I stuffed up with how I have my low and high poly model? They look like this...

Thanks in advance.

Hey rfranks,

I think the High and Low poly are too different at the corners.

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Try to bake with a cage - this should help!

Thanks guys, I'm kinda new to retopology and baking, any tutorials out there that I should be looking at to get things right in the future?

take a look at these: <- this will fit your cube-example 100%

also see: <- this one is from Wes/allegorithmic

Thank elowan,

I'll check those out!