Author Topic: Curvature maps artifacts  (Read 10219 times)

Hi, I am getting a lot of strange artifacts from the SD curvature maps baking.
 Same results from both world space and tangent from xnormal and handplane (tangent).

Can you give me some hints to what's going on?
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I had similar artifacts introduced in AO and curvature baked inside SD sometimes but it all just came to how the normal map (tangent) was looking / how lp model was made.
The problem was solved by baking in SD by (either or combination of) :
- using xNormal world space normal map, with disabled seams for curvature
- applying smoothing groups to problematic mesh parts or just one group to whole mesh
- for more complex meshes - exploding the mesh before generating xNormal normal map

For me your curvature looks like the lp model UVs are bleeding in.

Thank you.

Smoothed the hipoly with a vertex map seemed to have cured most, still not entirely happy.

Normal map baking is like a black art; and anyone who's good at it is a witch! A witch, I say!   ;)
Slow is smooth and smooth is fast

Close enough, I'm trying to be a Wizzard ;)

By the way are you baking your normals using a cage ?
How your cage is shaped also can have impact on the bakes - this always gives me headaches on mapping cyllindrical based meshes or parts.

Uhm... cage? I just explode my model with a morph in Modo Then I copy that, make a catmull-clark subdivision hipoly version of it and export it along the lopoly to xnormal. So no cage, I guess.
Slow is smooth and smooth is fast

It's all sorcery to me. Burn the witch!  ;)
Slow is smooth and smooth is fast

I use similar workflow in modo.
Try having fun with this if you haven't heard about it yet:

Using a cage for bakes have few advantages over uniform distance calc for raycasts, generally I find it less problematic when it comes to end results. And if something is bad, it is 99% chance it's my own fault :D

I tried Arial's script but can't get it to work. Won't explode or export. That's ok, I know my way around morphs anyhow.

I am still trying to get close to a reasonable result with my normals but fail miserably. Even in SD 3.5, I just don't understand it  :'(
Slow is smooth and smooth is fast

For the normal map magic I recommend polycount wiki:
especially this link:

If the pipelineIO doesn't work, change your decimal symbol in system settings  from , (comma) to . (dot) - that will do the trick.