Author Topic: UE4 Android support in plugin 4.11?  (Read 1996 times)

Trying to use Substance on a multiplatform UE4 project.

UE4 version:  4.11.0
Substance plugin version:

We're having issues where our Substance textures seem to work fine in the PC SKU, but the cooked assets won't even load on our Android SKU.  All I saw was some old post from Dec '14 about Android support being "in the works", and I didn't see Android on the UE4 plugin release notes since then.  I'm not seeing "Android" in the "WhitelistPlatforms" section of Substance.uplugin.

Should Substance work on Android on Unreal Engine 4.11?

Hi econty,

Android is on the roadmap but not added as of 4.11 .

Thanks for the quick reply!  We have art refactoring those textures.