Author Topic: Help with Publishing .sbsar for extra/optional slots in Unity  (Read 614 times)

Can someone help me understand how to publish a sbsar that will 'fill' the two extra slots in the Unity standard shader (detail albedo and ((detail)) normal)?

I have published several easily now that fill:
emission this even possible to use the two extra slots at the bottom of the material palette (see link)??

 !! Please help !!


Hi, indeed the secondary maps are not filled by default as we don't have corresponding "output usage" in Substance Designer.
As details maps are usually shared between several materials, users tend to place them manually (to reuse them between several materials).

However, even if there is no "auto mapping", you can enable the "Generate all outputs" option in Unity, this way you'll have the possibility to visualize them and drag and drop them in the corresponding slots.
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