Author Topic: Not working (still) - 3ds Max and Substance (SD5)  (Read 1746 times)

Posted on the 3ds Max forum, but looks like a problem has been looming for well over a year.

3ds Max and Substance Designer 5 don't currently seem to work together. Maybe some substances can - but the import error code on newer substances isn't helpful in deciphering how to actually use substance in 3ds Max. Browsing the forums, it seems like it's something that's come up for over a year without resolution.

While ideally we'd have this addressed by this point (since 3ds Max is listed as being supported by substance designer 5, even using Max's 2017 logo), some time-tables, work-arounds or info on how exactly to address this would be great (hopefully that isn't simply bringing in textures baked out from other thigns compatible with SD5 nodes). Is there a way to fix them simply to work in 3ds Max?
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Hey, yes you are right, this is a long & sad story :-/
The Substance Engine integration for 3ds max is in the hands of Autodesk and we don't have influence on their schedule.

That's all we can say about this.

Please see my answer in your other thread here :