Author Topic: Need some help with B2M -> 3ds max (Corona)  (Read 2550 times)

Hey everyone, I've been trying to improve my skills with Corona materials and was hoping to use B2M to help. Can I export maps directly from B2M to use in 3ds Max with Corona (diffuse, glossiness, normal, etc.)? If this is possible do I need to change the shader in B2M? or is that more for viewing purposes within the B2M app?

Or... should I use the B2M node in Substance Designer and then use the PBR to Corona converter?

Thanks for the help.

Hi, sure you can export your maps from B2M to use them in 3ds Max with Corona (using the "Export as Bitmaps" button) but you'll indeed have to use the converter node in SD in order to get something correct. By default, B2M doesn't generate "Reflection" and "1/IOR" maps, but you can create them by processing the maps with the filter (you have access to it by typing "converter" in the SD library search bar).

You can change the shader used in the B2M 3d view (by clicking on Materials>Default>Definition), however, if you use B2M3 for example, you will probably want to use the "Physically based Metallic Roughness" one.
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Thanks Gaetan, I assumed that I had to use the converter but I just wanted to make sure. Does the shader in use define the outputs of the bitmaps?  Or does it just affect the 3d view? Would there be any reason to change it from Metallic/Roughness if I'm just using UE4 and Corona?

It only affects the 3D view so, unless you work with a PBR Specular Glossiness workflow, there is no reason to change. If you also work with UE4, the Metallic/Roughness is the best option (on a side note, you can change the environment of the 3D view using a drag and drop, if you want to use a specific environment for the preview).
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Excellent, thanks again!