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I'm trying to create a new project in painter (v. 1.7.3) but when I press the "New" button nothing happens at all. I recently installed a custom shelf and it appeared to work just fine before I installed the shelf. I've disabled the shelf, and even reinstalled and nothing changes.

Any help would be fantastic! Thanks!

Does Painter becomes unresponsive when you press New?

No, when you press on File and then New from the drop down menu, nothing happens. The box just closes like you clicked off to the side of it or something. I even tried the short cut for creating a New Project. Literally everything else works but the New button.

What could be happening is that you have a thumbnail in the shelf that is computing (being generated), therefore blocking some functions (like open, close or even save of a project).
You can try to identify the ressource being generated by scrolling in your shelf. It's probably from your custom shelf since you added recently and the issue appeared at the same time.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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