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Is there a way to extract full resolution (2k-4k) bitmaps from an sbsar file using Designer or B2M?

I had a hard drive fail recently and lost a lot of my working (sbr) files but had the exported sbsars in another place so I at least still have access to them. I can access the bitmaps in designer but they show up at 256 so aren't very useful (the output size seems to be locked? see attached picture) I can also open them in Unreal at a higher resolution and pull them out of there but it's pretty slow I'd really rather not have to do that for every file.

Thank you!

It does not look like the size is locked in the screen shot you posted. Can't you move the sliders controlling the size ? 2k should correspond to 3 and 4k to 4.

You're right it doesn't look like it's locked out, but it is. The slider is locked in place (clicking on it, clicking and dragging, etc. does nothing) and all of the drop down menus are greyed out (can't switch between relative to parent, absolute, etc.)

I used 16-bit pngs exported from substance painter to assemble the graph, they show up as 256 but they can be turned up as high as 2k in Unreal so I know the bitmaps are still in there somewhere.

Hi, if you try to modify the size directly on your imported sbsar file in Substance Designer (by selecting the graph properties) it will not work.
To modify the graph resolution, you'll have to instantiate it in another graph : to do this, just drag and drop it in another graph. Then you should be able to modify the resolution and get what you need.
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That worked! Thank you!