Author Topic: Why we need input/output nodes at all?  (Read 804 times)

Why not do it Blender way ?   By  just making a group from a selection  of nodes and soft would set them automatically.   The way we would still see result of tweaking when within that group like in Blender .

I consider SD way extremely inconvenient in general.   Including those  exposed parameters .  It makes me to do a lot of redundant clicks all the time  and turns the whole graph into unreadable mess so sometimes I often i can't understand even my own files after a while.

Another wish, please make a kind of visual indication  of what exact operation a blend node do.   Instead of "Blend" .       Maybe  + - max min etc 

ps.   In fact  those blend nodes just  inflate the whole network into bigger mess.  I think we could live without them at all.   Just make  same + - max min indication  and opacity,mouse wheel based, value next  to node inputs.      At least we could combine levels and HLS with blend.
 I could do it on my own but would like to have proper on-screen indications



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