Author Topic: Painter crashes everytime...  (Read 1387 times)

Hi there,

today i bought the Indiepack on steam. I tryed it out and it runs great. But, since i importet one own substance material, the painter crashes all the time when i scroll down the material.

I have tryed to reinstall the painter, but it doesnt help. It worked all, a used all materials and have no problems with that, since the importing thing.

What can i do? The send crash thingy wont work. It says i should post to the forum.



same thing happen here. Even the default project crashes after importing my own substance in another project.
Substance Painter, version 0.12.1
Build 464
OSX 10.9.4


After the whole night, i cant get it to work. But i find something...

I have 2 Harddisks. 1 is a ssd. The other is a normal hdd. On my third hdd there is steam. Because i bought the ssd two weaks ago, i have not deleted the old one. In this case i can boot the new and the old OS.

So on the HDD (the old one) i can start steam and the substance painter (from drive G:)
On the new one i can start steam and the substance painter too (from drive G:).

But, on the new one, if i scroll down the materials, the painter crashes. Do i open the painter with the old OS from the same place, everything is perfect.

Today i called Kingston (manufacturer from the ssd) and they sayed, they dont believe that the ssd have error or something. I dont know what i can do. I reinstalled Windows 4 times now. Nothing. Everything works perfect, i.e. Cubase, Photoshop, Blender, Sony Movie Studio and so on. Only substance painter doesnt work on the SSD.

Maybe it's a bug? Who knows?