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I've just made my first export from Substance Painter, and I don't get the result I have in SP. My goal is to texture objects to import in Second Life where I can have diffuse, normal and specular. The object I've done shines in SP since I've put gold material on it. When I import it in Second Life, and add the diffuse, normal and spec, the result is flat. No shine. For the gold part, I have to use the base color texture since the diffuse one is black. The answer is perhaps obvious, but I'm completely new with 3D painting :). What should I do to get the same result in Second Life than the one I get in SP ?

What I get in Substance Painter

What I get in Second Life :

Thank you

I'm no expert at SP (yet)  8)
But if you only use Diffuse, Normal and Specular maps - I suggest you remove any other channels. The default channels in SP are for PBR.
Besides, it seems you have a different lightning in the two pictures. The lower one seem to have a more kind of sunrise lightning.
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@stefan72sthlm is correct. Substance Painter is using Physically Based Rendering which is a specific shader/renderer. To get the correct results, you need to make sure that you are using the correct SP export maps for a given shader in your renderer. The best option would be to remove the metal and rough channels in the documents settings and only use Diffuse and Specular. Specular channel will work with SP's PBR shader as it is occluding the reflection.

When you export, only export normal, diffuse and specular maps. From there, you will still need to make sure that lighting and a reflection environment is setup in your 3D program. Also, SP uses image-based lighting to light the scene.



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