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I'm trying to create a seamless substance. Can someone point me to a tutorial. Or suggest a workflow, sequence of filters to start with. Thanks.

Are you starting from scratch (noises, patterns, etc...), or are you using a bitmap image as a starting point?
If you are starting from scratch, you should not worry about it as the default behaviour is set to create seamless tileable textures. (Unless you scale some nodes at a certain point in a non-uniform way...)
From a bitmap, we have the "MakeItTile" Patch/Photo filters which are great for removing seams.
"Hinhin!" :-D

From scratch. The attached image is of Asphalt_02 from you guys. It looks pretty good from the ground as if you were standing there. But from above, as seen from a fly-by, it has a repeating pattern.
My thought was to blend several instances together with varying scales and opacity. Your Smart Tiles vol 1 looks great, but I wanted to see what I could do.
And thank you for your time on the forums!

i would consider blending this material with it self, with a noise as mask and offset one of the two materials. should break up the pattern quite a lot.
(in unity, that is, not in sd :) )