Author Topic: Must Have Hotkeys  (Read 1592 times)

I think it's fairly easy to add new hotkeys, but it will speed up things a lot!
  • [CTRL or ALT or SHIFT] + [Left Click] on 3d mesh in Explorer = Bake Model Information Window
    I bake stuff completely in SD and I spend a lot of time tweaking cage, AA and distances. It's tedious to right click and then choose option in popup menu every time I want to make a little change from 0.01 to 0.02.
  • Change <U>niform Color to <C>olor
    I create nodes via Space button. And node menu unfolds from mouse cursor position. If I want to create Color node I forced to scroll from top to the farthest point in this menu, which is tedious. Or I have alternative - press U. But my right hand on the mouse and my left hand on the left side of keyboard(where is the most controls are), while U is far away from here.
    I find it's a little uncomfortable, Color is the most used node and should be  super accessible

  • Fast Node Creation from Unreal Engine
    I think it is self explanatory, you're working with UE and understand how it's super convenient :)
    Graph Window
    • [1] + [Left Click] = Uniform Color in Grayscale Mode node
    • [2] + [Left Click] = Bitmap node
    • [3] + [Left Click] = Uniform Color in Color Mode node
    • <B> + [Left Click] = Blend node
    • [N] + [Left Click] = Normal node
    • [T] + [Left Click] = Transformation node

I would go more general with this request and say that just having the ability to setup our own hotkeys would be great. Especially for things such as maximising a viewport, or mouse movement related prefs.