Author Topic: Cryengine \ Loving my Indie pack!  (Read 2922 times)

Hey guys, I just have to say I am having such a blast working with my brand new Indie Licence pack...

Substances were somewhat new to me as I use CRYENGINE as my primary game engine. However I just recently was told that PBR/PBS integreated into CE is about to be announced in the upcoming weeks. I would love it if you guys were able to integrate CryEngine into the workflow as the others, UDK, Untity have done.

Thanks for making these great programs, and am looking forward to seeing where this all fits in once SP is out of the beta stage.

Thanks again, for your tireless work!! :)

Thanks for the kind words.
About the CryEngine integration, there is discussion going on with Crytek but we are still in the very early stages.